Your email marketing lists are very valuable assets to your business. Your open rates and click through rates are commonly used KPIs when assessing the efficacy of an email marketing campaign.
The ideal benchmarks for open rates vary per industry and if your rates fall outside of these levels you may need to reassess your strategy. Here are 4 tips to give you the know how to increase email open rates.

Review your subject lines

You need as many subscribers as possible opening your emails and your subject lines will have a direct impact on those email pen rates. So it’s important to identify where you can be making some improvements and adjustments to your current tactics.

Try to avoid generic sounding lines such as “Friday news” because customers need a reason to open those emails. Choose subjects that can grab attention and have a unique or personal touch that encourages them to open. Consumers are busy and get many other emails to their inbox so you will need to fight for them to consume your content. This is an especially important consideration for when users are reading via mobile.

Get your timing right

Timing is a very important element when it comes to email marketing. For example, sending your email at 8pm on a Friday because that’s the first chance you have had to sit down and schedule your emails is not great, you won’t get many people reading it.
There is not one perfect time that works across the board, you will need to understand your business and customers to determine which timing suits your target market the best.

Check your subscribers

You don’t want to be sending emails to people who are not engaging or who don’t exist! There are occasions where people will sign up with fake emails for incentivised offers which contributes to a lower open rate. Things you can do to address this issue include using double opt in formats and tools which help you identify invalid emails. You could also look at your subscribers who never engage with your emails. If you have sent them 6 or 7 emails in a row and they haven’t opened any of them it may not be worth keeping them around. A benefit to this is that it can help to reduce the chance that email providers will start automatically allocating your emails to spam because engagement rates are taken into consideration when providers decide if you are legitimate or a spammer.

Review your content

Is your content always relevant to your readers? Ideally you will have your messages tailored as needed for your particular business. For example if you sell men’s and women’s fashion it may not be so relevant to send your male readers a great “30% off summer dresses” deal. Segmentation is your friend! You need to be using segmented lists to your advantage. If you personalise your messages to the correct audience you could increase your transaction rate by up to six times.

Successful email marketing campaigns provide the opportunity to add additional revenue to your business. Get in touch if you would like to have our online marketing agency work with you to craft a highly targeted campaign to help you reach your goals.