Highly engaging video content is one of the best ways you can reach your target audience but once you have people’s attention you need to take the conversion optimization steps that will turn more viewers into customers. Following video content best practices can help you drive more overall business so it’s important to get your strategy right.

Here are 5 simple tactics you can use to make your video content a conversion powerhouse to help grow your business.

Tell a story and forget the sales pitch

A mistake seen too often is that brands will create videos all about the product or service focused around the hard sell to the customer. This is by far one of the quickest ways to have your audience lose interest in the video and more often than not in your brand. whether you sell a product or provide a service at the core of every business is the sale of an emotion. If your product or service is effective at eliciting that emotion in your customers you won’t need to ever work hard at convincing them or give them the hard sell. So find the story and tell it in your video!


Create an impact in the first few seconds

For the longest time you had up to 10 seconds to create the impact needed to keep people watching your video. This number is declining over time as today’s consumer is expecting to be wowed almost instantly, but at the very least within a few short seconds. So how can we maximize the positive impact on viewers during these critical first few seconds? You need to outline why they need to stay until the end of your video right from the outset, why they shouldn’t click it off and why they shouldn’t just keep scrolling down their newsfeed. It comes down to knowing your target market well and what really drives them. You can use tactics like raising a question that they might be looking for the answer to in terms of benefits and also to put any particular fears to rest.


Catch their attention with a great thumbnail image

If your thumbnail is attention-grabbing and catchy you are going to increase the click through rate of your video content. Thereby drawing more and more of your target audience in and delivering your targeted messages to them which will potentially lead to more sales. This is a really important step in the process. You don’t want to be investing a lot of time in creating an amazing and engaging video that is going to address all of the questions your audience has, show them why your product or service is the best one to suit their needs but then lose on views because your thumbnail is plain and lacks the vibe that will get people through to watch. These are missed opportunities that you could have converted into revenue!


Share and promote your video content with the right audience

Identifying the right audience and where they like to consume their content is one of the first steps in any good digital strategy.  This provides the best return on investment for your digital marketing activities because you are focusing your energy into the right channels that can drive more ROI to your business. For example if your target market is predominantly on LinkedIn and that is also where the majority of your leads to come from then you don’t need to be investing time in marketing video content on Instagram or Snapchat. If you are running targeted Pay Per Click Ad campaign promotions in which you are driving people to watch your video make sure that your ads are highly focused on the people who it’s going to make the most positive impact on and drive that return on investment.


Incorporate subtitles

Many social media platforms today will auto-play videos without sound, in fact as many as up to 85% of videos which are viewed on Facebook are done so without sound. In an effort to minimise missed online marketing opportunities you need to ensure that the message you are trying to get across to your audience does not get lost in these instances. It’s also best practice to ensure that the deaf audience that you do have is also catered for. Include subtitles or annotations in each of your videos to make it easy for viewers to understand without the sound.
By incorporating these 5 tactics into your video content marketing efforts you will see a noticeable improvement on your ROI.

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