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Effective content marketing campaigns that generate a good return on investment (ROI) requires a solid strategy. Trying to have a profitable website without it is like getting into a car and driving aimlessly with no planned destination – you’re likely to get lost and frustrated. So let’s go through the six core rules to follow when creating an ROI focused content marketing campaign.


1. Establish your goals

The way to measure the effectiveness and return on investment of your efforts is by setting clear goals. If you don’t you’re not going to be able to identify whether you have been successful with your content marketing efforts. You can map out your starting point and what you’re aiming to achieve so that any marketing efforts you invest in are all working together to propel your business towards your growth goals. This going to look different for each brand. Some will be just starting out and not have much of a following, needing to start from scratch. Whereas others will already have a following that may not be driving as many qualified leads and sales as they would like, so each business requires a tailored approach.



2. Identify your most valuable target market

This sounds so simple however there are many brands out there who have not really identified their target market. It’s not ideal to have a completely broad description, while there are some products and services that will appeal to the masses even they will appeal to certain behaviors and interests more than others. To target your ideal customers and really drive their purchasing behaviour you need to work with your digital marketing specialists to drill down what those components are so they can be incorporated into the strategy.

3. Plan the best ways to reach your target audience

Once you really segment out your most valuable customers you need to identify where they like to live, where they like to play, where and how they consume the majority of their content. Again, every brand, every message and every audience is going to require a different approach. Do they enjoy consuming video over written content? If so, what kind? While this can be quite laborious and time consuming it’s essential to your content marketing success so that you don’t invest time and resources in the wrong mediums and channels.

4. Differentiate yourself and flaunt your uniqueness

To get customer’s attention you really need to have your business stand out, that’s why one of the first things you need to consider when formulating a comprehensive content marketing strategy is how you’re going to differentiate yourself from the competition, stand out in all of the noise and flaunt your uniqueness. What can you offer your audience that your competitors currently are not? Having a strong brand identity, mission statement and core values outlined will help you to stick to what the real aim of your business.

5. Set your plan

We often hear business owners state that while ideas and plans for great content were discussed previously the day-to-day running of the business meant that they didn’t have the time to create the kind of quality and targeted content that is required to really generate an audience. Your digital team should be able to guide you in relation to the kind of content that should be published and when, then they will often create this content for you so that you can focus your time on converting your leads into more customers.


6. Promote your content

The creation portion of your content marketing strategy is important and it is essential that everything is well written and of value to users, but the other side of the coin is that your target market needs to see this content so it needs to be published and promoted. You must have activities incorporated that will get your content in front of your ideal customer’s eyes.


7. Know when to outsource

Effective content marketing that has a high return on investment, generates consistent leads and interested customers to your business is no easy feat. Not everybody has the same skill set and many business owners find that outsourcing to an experienced digital marketing agency is the most effective use of both their time and resources. This gives people the peace of mind that their content marketing strategies are being taking care of for them and they can focus on converting the additional leads that come in, into new customers. Picking the best digital marketing agency to partner with can be confusing but there are simple strategies you can use to make sure you are going to avoid the risk of bad services.

Get in touch with our content marketing agency and we can discuss your particular needs for highly strategic, focused content that will contribute to the growth of your business.