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One of the goals of every business is to be seen by your target customers. But what happens when you have been working on getting visitors to your site and none of them or very little of them are converting into leads or sales? It can be frustrating and overwhelming for business owners to know what to look at. This article will take you through a few questions you can think about and discuss with your team.

Review your products and offerings

If your website is getting traffic but you’re currently not making many any or very little sales conversions this could be a great time for you to review your current products and offerings to see if there are any opportunities to improve upon what you have. This doesn’t mean you need to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch, throwing everything that you have worked on away. But you may find upon reflection that there are certain areas of your services or products that aren’t exactly resonating with your target audience. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback as well, most people are happy to provide that to business owners especially if they have done business with you before. You can always reach out and say something like “Hi Paul, thanks for being a customer and your interest in our product is there anything for you personally that would make our product even more beneficial to you?”. If you don’t have any customers yet, consider sourcing people who are willing to give their insights in return for trying your products as this information can be quite valuable.


Take a look at your website structure and call to actions

If you don’t currently work with a digital marketing agency this item could be quite labour intensive and not provide as much value since you may not have the experience in boosting conversions like they should. In many instances you will find but if you are getting traffic and no conversions that the website structure, content and call to actions might not be right for your specific niche and target audience. Explore these 5 call to action mistakes that could be reducing your website conversions.


What kind of traffic are you getting?

Not all web traffic is created equal! You will need to work to understand where the value is in the website audience that you have at the moment is because if you’re getting people who are not as targeted as they should be then they’re not likely to be converting into leads or customers. This is where working with a high quality search engine optimization expert can be invaluable as they’re going to be able to dissect all of the data and then work with you on formulating strategy that is best. You may currently be getting traffic that is made up of bots or users who aren’t actually interested in your products or services. So if you are not currently investing in proper search engine optimization at this stage you may need to look into doing that to scale your business efficiently.


Are your assets in line with your brand vision?

There have been many times in my career where I have been approached by prospective clients who are not having as many conversions as they would like and are keen to work on driving more sales. Part of our overall strategy was to revisit branding including logos, color schemes and also photos. Don’t underestimate the impact of great quality images! Customers want to enjoy their purchasing process and they do like to feel special. So even if for example you make handmade jewelry at home it is still important to show professional quality images and not use your phone to take a photo of it on your coffee table along with your cat in the background.


Bring in the experts

Know when to call in the big guns. You want to make sure as a business owner that you’re always working in your zone of genius. If digital and website marketing is not your forte then outsource it. There is no point in spending all of your waking hours trying to understand educate yourself on how to market your website and create more conversions. The chances are at some point you will realise that it’s actually not working as well as it could if you had a team of digital marketing experts on your side! Find a team of qualified professionals who have a track record of great results for their clients and work with them. Let them take the stress off your plate so that you can focus on converting any leads into customers and fulfilling your orders.
It can be overwhelming for business owners to have to dissect all of the data and analytics that goes into identifying the best pathways for additional conversions. It can often be the best move to invest in a team that can generate a great return on investment, turning your $1 into $3, $5 or $10.

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