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Many business owners are asking themselves do I need SEO? What is it and what are the benefits to my business? In this article we will go through 4 key reasons why your business should be investing in SEO services.

Read on to find out some of the many reasons why you should be investing in quality SEO services for your business.

1. You’re investing in your own asset

Your website, your rules! If you are engaged in social media marketing campaigns then you would be aware that there are many algorithm changes that are ongoing on these platforms some of which are quite aggressive in diminishing organic reach. While this can sometimes be the case with search engines in some instances, where for example you may see higher amount of ads come through in particular searches than there had been previously you do have the opportunity to shift and target other lucrative search areas. If you are investing all of your marketing time on social media platforms you are in a way investing in someone else’s asset. You can’t take that with you in the long run if there are any changes that mean you can’t reach your audience on that platform anymore. Social media marketing channels also change over time and don’t tend to stay around as long as search engines, which maintain audiences for quite a long time. So even if a different search engine gains more popularity than the current popular engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, you would still have your website which should perform well across multiple search engines. We all remember Myspace and how popular it was, many people had careers start on that platform but it also ended. So if you had only invested in that particular channel and then it was shut down you would essentially lose a lot of your business if not all of your business so it’s important to invest in your own assets.


2. Great SEO isn’t a DIY project

SEO is not a one time thing, it’s not something that you can purchase and then flick the switch and BOOM you’re done! A lot of the information that’s being presented out there to users at the moment is come and do this quick SEO course we’ll give you 10 items you can check off your list and then your website is now optimized. What these courses tend to be referring to are some of the onsite elements on your site being populated. Now, this doesn’t even mean that they are optimized in the way that is going to move you towards the goals and visibility that you want to achieve. The other issue with this is that these people teaching these courses have no accountability for return on investment so they give you the basics of what on site elements are that you need to fill in and you go off and action the items on your list, then in if you don’t get a return on your investment of time and money for the course, well then that’s then on you to rectify, but you won’t have the knowledge or tools to do so with these courses. When you work with a digital marketing agency your money is an investment you have experts who have been across countless campaigns, have seen a range of situations, understand and, live and breathe everything digital. Many of your competitors know this, especially those who have been engaging in SEO for quite a while and have seen the industry evolve from being a much more simple and faster process to really needing search engine specialist who can effectively interpret analytical data to determine the best course of action, understand technical on-site elements and has the digital marketing skills and connections to create the best SEO campaigns that work well into the future.


3. Your competitors are investing

I can’t tell you how many times a prospective customer has come and spoken to me saying that they’ve been around a lot longer than their competitors and they can’t understand why all of a sudden a competitor is ranking above them in their ideal area for visibility. Upon investigation you will find that the competitors have an aggressive website visibility and search engine optimization campaign going on. Quite simply they are out performing the businesses who have been around a lot longer. Sometimes there is an impression that if you have maintained rankings and visibility for a certain area that you will continue to have that visibility ongoing. This is absolutely not the case, search results are dynamic and ever changing. If you do have another business come into your sphere and they invest in the marketing of their website while you don’t, they will absolutely annihilate you. If you don’t invest in your search engine visibility your competitors are going to be able to take market share from you which will decrease your profits year over year.


4. It’s cost effective

When you compare search engine optimization campaigns to other forms of digital marketing such as social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) whether through Google Adwords or Facebook advertising – SEO does provide a great return on investment. While PPC campaigns can drive sales quickly it will only do so for the duration of while you are running that campaign. Whereas if you invest in a good quality SEO services the results of your campaign tend to stay around and payoff for a lot longer, getting you clicks organically that would often cost you much more via PPC. The conversion rate that you get from SEO is also quite high so whilst social media marketing for example is great for getting your brand out there it is not always going to generate the kind of volume of sales that you would see when you have an effective website marketing campaign.

benefits of SEO vs PPC

Investing in your website’s visibility with a high quality search engine optimization campaign is growing in importance more and more. While many people would have you believe that it is a simple process that does not require investment or ongoing maintenance they are absolutely wrong. If you would like to see what we have achieved for some of our customers, head over to our client success stories page and contact our SEO agency about your needs.